How to Create a Device in AWS IOT

Step 1- Get started with AWS IoT

To begin it from AWS IoT Portal, we need to first sign in to AWS Management console


A.Click on Get started

In this article, we will see how we can connect our devices or ‘things’ in this  Metron –> AWS IoT platform using MQTT protocol.


Step 2. Create, Download and Activate Certificate

Every Devices connecting to AWS IoT must have a valid certificates. In this step, we will generate, download and activate the certificates through AWS IoT console.



  1. Now, select Create a certificate option and then click on Click certificate create button as shown in screenshot below



D. Download all the keys & the certificates


E. To activate already created certificate, select particular certificate and then Activate it from the Actions menu.


F. After activation is done from the Actions menu, our certificate will appear as Active


Step 3. Creating a (Metron) Thing

After the certificates are downloaded and activated; we need to create the thing. Thing is the actual device (in our case Metron ) which will be connected to AWS IoT


H. Select Create a thing option and fill in the desired name for thing. In this case “Metron”. Then, Click on Create button.


I.To view the details of newly created thing click on View thing button


J. We can see details of thing  in screenshot below –


Step 4. Attaching the Thing with certificate

K. To attach a thing with the certificate we need to select a certificate and then Attach a thing from the Actions menu.


L. Click on Attach a thing opens a pop-up box, enter the name of thing and click on attach button.



Step 5. Creating an IoT Rule to Connect this device

M-Create a rule to evaluate inbound messages published into AWS Iot .Our rule can deliver a message to the topic of another device, or to a cloud endpoint such as:-


N-Now go back to AWS IoT and choose to create a new rule





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