Browser Cache Cleaning of Chrome & Safari

Cache Cleaning for Chrome

Step 1 ) Click on the settings icon that appears to the right of the address bar. In the newest versions of Chrome, this appears as three horizontal lines and in older versions will be a wrench icon .

Step 2) From the menu, select Tools > Clear browsing data….


Step 3) Check the following:

  • Empty the cache
  • Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data

Select the beginning of time in the drop down box and click on the Clear browsing data button.


Cache Cleaning for Safari

Step 1)  Click Safari in the upper left hand side of your screen. In the menu that appears, click Preferences.


  1. Step 2) In the window that appears, click the Privacy tab. Click the button Remove All Website Data….


  1. Step 3) Click Remove Now in the pop up window that appears.



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